About Me


I am a Health, Wellness and Nutrition Coach specialising in Mind, Body and Lifestyle Medicine. My own journey has taken me from the UK to Australia, via Bali. I am a cancer survivor and mother of teenage boys.

My approach is salutogenic - focussed on the creation of health and harmony within both the Body, Mind and Spirit. Healing is a territory ripe with growth potential.

I draw from and and incorporate aspects from a broad range of theories and practices including Mindfulness, Appreciative Inquiry, Polyvagal Theory, Adult Development Theories, Motivational Interviewing, Internal Family Systems, Integral Theory, Somatic Psychological Theories, Functional Medicine and Nutrition, and Narrative Therapy amongst others.


My first passion in the healing arena was food.

I love how food can be our most powerful and effective medicine, accessible to all and with the ability to procure the most profound changes in a person’s health and wellbeing.

I have been a Functional Nutritionist since 2001.

Coaching became a passion as I learnt more about our own innate healing mechanisms and how curiosity and exploration can help us to grow and tap into these. I love to see people transform and grow.

My work has been mainly in the UK in private practice and also within companies. I have had the good fortune to work with some very inspirational people.

My great passion has been travelling and I have lived abroad and spent time immersed in rich and diverse cultures.

I love the great outdoors, a good laugh, being with friends and keeping myself as creative and curious about life as I can be.

I swim, paint, meditate and practice yoga but also enjoy a good dance when I get the chance!

Training / Education

Philosophy and Psychology BA (hons) - Manchester University, UK

Nutrition Therapists Diploma - Institute of Optimum Nutrition, UK

Functional Nutrition Certificate - UK

Biomedicine Certificate - London, UK

Integral Coaching Canada

Mindfulness and Compassion

Live Blood Analysis practitioner training- Holland and UK

Genovations - Functional Genetic Testing - London, UK