I am a:

Functional Nutritionist and

Itegrative Life and Health Coach

I use the innate intelligence of The Body, The Brain, The Mind and The Nervous System to work with you to fulfil your potential and resolve your health issues.

Whatever your health concern or personal objectives, we can work together.

Whether it's stress related, autoimmune, chronic illness, weight loss, confidence, Diabetes, hormonal health, Menopause, low energy, heart health, self acceptance, preventative health or just wanting to show up as the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, there is a conversation to be had and huge potential to be explored.

My aim is to get to know you, understand where you are and where you would like to be, and help you to close that gap.

Who is it for

My clients are committed and ready to explore themselves and their health challenges or desires on a different level than they ever have before. To get under their own skin and really poke around (in the nicest possible way😊).

A coaching programme is like an adventure where you are both the traveller, and the destination.

We look at...

Nervous system / stress

If our nervous system is overactive, nothing will shift until this is addressed. Stress switches off body systems - immune / digestive etc - which are deemed unnecessary when we are stuck in Fight or Flight mode.

Similarly, vigorous health is difficult if aspects of the nervous system have moved to shut down, or collapse.

Guiding you back to a more healthy and socially engaged state can help to kickstart more robust health.

Nutrition and Eating Patterns:

Good Nutrition and a healthy Nervous System are the vital bedrocks on which to build enduring health - physical, mental and emotional.

We look at food and use your own likes and dislikes to come up with a programme that is not only working to achieve your aims, but also easily doable, fresh and exciting.

In cases where there is disordered eating or a history of difficulty around food or body issues, we look to transform this to a compassionate relationship based on ease, freedom, peace and joy.

Food is like your own personal pharmacy - we can make prescriptions especially for you based on symptoms, but more importantly, based on finding out what the ROOT cause of those symptoms might be.

You do NOT have to give up everything you love and eat Rabbit Food 🐇😊! Far from it in fact.

Functional Testing:

We can also use Functional Testing where necessary (stool / saliva /urine /blood tests) to look at what may be happening inside the body, ie digestion, stress hormones, gut issues, fatty acid ratios, nutrient levels, and energy production etc.

This can help us pinpoint issues and give us a more tangible place to start as well as a useful tool for monitoring results.

The Body:

The body is an often overlooked source of immense wisdom.

Ignore it at your peril!

Understanding how to utilise its intelligence as a sensory receptor and how to understand yourself from a source other than cognition can be a revolutionary experience.

We look at how you can tap into and harness this wisdom to truly reach your full potential both in your health but also in your personal growth, confidence and development.


In coaching we work together and take the time to create true, embedded change in thinking, behaviour, habits and beliefs.

A coach helps you see what you so far have been unable to see.

Each coaching relationship is different and unique and as we become aware of our own unconscious strategies and limiting beliefs, we may find that change can happen naturally and without force.

Sometimes uncovering the problem is what takes the time. The solution afterwards seems simple and obvious.

Embarking on a coaching programme will teach you a lot about yourself - your motivations, values, strengths and beliefs - and show you that you have everything at your disposal that you need to achieve your own health and wellbeing vision.

If you are unsure whether your particular concern can be served by coaching please 🔸contact me 🔸for a free, no obligations chat.

How It Works

We work together to create a coaching programme specifically for the issue(s) you want to address. This will include a Personal Nutrition Plan and Wellness Vision that you can comfortably inhabit as well as devising tools to help you retrain and re-pattern yourself away from ill health, pain or restricting self-belief and towards a happy, healthy, aware and on-purpose future.

Coaching works over time to unleash your creativity and innate potential in order to propel you towards the life you want.

Both coach and client commit wholeheartedly to this process.

Coaching can help you shift from worry and anxiety to uncovering and leveraging your strengths to keep you moving in the right direction.

I draw from and incorporate aspects of:

Mindfulness, Intuitive Eating, Mind Body Psychology, Functional Medicine and Nutrition, Appreciative Inquiry, Trans Theoretical Model of Change, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Somatic Theory and Practice, Polyvagal Theory, Motivational Interviewing, Adult Development Theories, Internal Family Systems, Positive Psychology, Integral Theory, ACT, and Narrative Therapy amongst others.