My Services

I am a Transformational Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Therapist.

As a coach, I serve you as both a detective and a guide in your journey towards health, happiness and success.

Good Nutrition is the vital bedrock on which to build lasting good health - physical, mental and emotional.

Coaching is not about creating a quick fix but taking the time to create true transformational change in thinking, behaviour, habits and beliefs.

Each coaching relationship is different and unique and as we become aware of our own unconscious strategies and limiting beliefs, we may find that change can happen naturally and without force.

Sometimes uncovering the real problem is what takes the time. The solution afterwards seems simple and obvious.  Guiding people towards and through these transformations is a true privilege.


Coaching is for everyone who is ready to change and grow. It doesn't matter if your health concern is chronic or acute, or if you just want to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Embarking on a coaching programme will teach you a lot about yourself - your motivations, values, strengths and beliefs - and show you that you have everything at your disposal that you need to achieve your own health and wellbeing vision.

Some health concerns that can be addressed through coaching:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress reduction
  • Low energy
  • Improving diet and exercise
  • Managing lifestyle
  • Weight management
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Adjusting to an unexpected health event
  • Addictions
  • General health concerns
  • Menopause / hormonal health
  • Chronic digestive issues
  • Heart health

If you are unsure whether your particular concern can be served by coaching please contact me for a free, no obligations chat.


We work together to create a coaching programme specifically for the issue(s) you want to address. This will include a Personal Nutrition Plan and Wellness Vision that you can comfortably inhabit as well as devising tools to help you retrain and re-pattern yourself away from ill health or pain and towards a happy, healthy, aware and on-purpose future.

We can also use Functional Testing where necessary (stool, saliva, blood tests) to uncover Nutritional deficiencies and imbalances and help us pinpoint areas which might need more attention.

Coaching works over time to unleash your creativity and innate potential in order to propel you towards the life you want. Both coach and client commit wholeheartedly to this process.

Coaching can help you shift from worry and anxiety to uncovering and leveraging your strengths to keep you moving in the right direction.

I draw from and incorporate aspects of Mindfulness, Appreciative Inquiry, Polyvagal Theory, Motivational Interviewing, Adult Development Theories, Internal Family Systems, Positive Psychology, Integral Theory, ACT, Somatic Psychological theories, Functional Medicine and Nutrition, and Narrative Therapy amongst others.